Monday, May 4, 2009

Put on your Teaching Hat!

Today in class all the teaching groups performed a skit on infant development, in order to get us to try and think out side the box when it comes to teaching and presenting material to students. This was a very entertaining class and it was fun to see everyones hard work put together in their skits! 

One control your head and your neck, yeah 
Two now hold that trunk, push your chest, yeah 
Three sit up with help, then alone, yeah 
Four stand up with help, then alone, yeah (x2)

They say Im a baby and I say no. 
Im growing up strong and learning as I go. 
I go from a scoot way up to a walk. 
So all the babies can learn to talk, yeah. ------------- 
Weve got a brand new dance to learn to use our muscles. 
A brand new dance, its called the baby shuffle. 
It dont matter if you young or you old. 
Here we go) We gonna show you how it go. 

Hold your head, and your neck, yeah your head, and your neck 
Get that trunk, lift that chest, get that trunk, lift that chest 
Now sit with support, and now by yourself 
Now walk it with support, then walk it by yourself 

Now its time to walk but with support 
Keep on walking but hold someones hands 
Now walk by yourself but with a lead 
Keep on walking but all on your own 

First you scoot your butt across the floor 
Then you crawl; just use your arms, yeah 
Now its time to creep, get on all fours 
Now lets bear walk all by yourself. 

Scoot it right, scoot it right, scoot it right, scoot it right 
Crawl it left, crawl it left, crawl it left, crawl it left. 
Now creep, now creep, now creep, now creep 
Bear walk it by yourself, bear walk it by yourself. (x2)

Now you see what Im talking about. 
We represent for the babies lets shout. 
Where we known for crawling about. 
Were gonna show you what were talking about. 

First you reach out your hand out for something 
Second you grab a hold, hold on it tight. 
Then you drop it with good release, yeah. 
Put it all together all by yourself.  (x2)

Reach it right, reach it right, to the right, to the right, to the right. 
Grab it left, grab it left, to the left, to the left, to the left. 
Now release, release, come on baby release. 
Now walk it by yourself, walk it by yourself.  (x2)

And do the baby shuffle. 
Now let me see you do the baby shuffle. 
Its Jumping Jack and the Thriving Five 
Dr. Yang running class got another hit indeed.

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