Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Festivities!

Today was our last lab at St. Mary's and we were left with the freedom to create our own activities for the students.  My teaching group, Jumping Jack and the Thriving Five, was stationed downstairs in the cafeteria.  My group thought long and hard about how to set up fun activities for the students in the limited space.  The First game we create was Put the Egg in the Basket, which was much like pin the tail on the donkey. We handed out eggs for the children to color, once the finished, they lined up to get blind folded and spun, and then directed to a large easter basket that was pinned on the wall. 
The second activity we set up was an egg on the spoon relay race. We split the group up into 3 groups and one at a time the students had to walk down while balancing a plastic egg on their spoon. The students really seemed to enjoy this activity as is was a fun challenge for them. We then adapted it and had them try to walk backwards, and also holding the spoon in their left hand. 
To conclude the day, everyone was in the gymnasium.  It was a fun day as to many were wearing bunny hears and filled with holiday cheer. I play jump rope with a bunch of students and they all were having a blast. TO end the day we took a group picture, and concluded the spring labs for my 201 class. I felt like it was just yesterday that i had my first lab with these students, and now it was time to saw goodbye. 


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